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Friday, 20 July 2012

Flags of South Africa and Mozambique

Today 2 more wonderful cards arrived from Lærke who had kindly offered to send cards from some African countries.

The current flag of the Republic of South Africa was adopted in 1994, the "Y" shape signifies the convergence of diverse elements within South African society, taking the road ahead in unity.

The flag of Mozambique was adopted in 1983 and is the only national flag to feature an AK-47 rifle. The green stands for the riches of the land, the white fimbriations signify peace, black represents the African continent, yellow symbolizes the country's minerals, and red represents the struggle for independence. The rifle stands for defense and vigilance, the open book symbolizes the importance of education, the hoe represents the country's agriculture, and the star symbolizes Marxism and internationalism.

Thank you Lærke, they are both great additions to my collection.


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