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Friday, 13 July 2012

Neuendorf Lighthouse, Germany

This great card came from a lottery on the Postcrossing forum, it shows the lighthouse near Neuendorf on the island of Hiddensee. Wikipedia has the following information:

"The 12.30 metre-high structure (focal height 10 metres), a sector light beacon (Leitfeuer and Quermarkenfeuer), is located south of Neuendorf on the northern boundary of the Gellen. It has lighthouse number C2586 and the coordinates 54°30′29″N 13°4′28″E. The beacon has the official name Leuchtfeuer Gellen/Hiddensee. The white steel tower with a red gallery and conical roof stands on a base of natural stone. It was built in 1904 by the firm of Julius Pintsch (Berlin) from cast sections (metal tubing (Tübbings)), was tested in 1905 and fully operational in 1907. From the same production workshop (Fürstenwalde/Spree branch) came the similarly designed beacons of Ranzow and Kolliker Ort (Rügen island) as well as Norddorf Lighthouse (Amrum). The Gellen/Hiddensee lighthouse marks the northern entrance of the Gellenstrom, in the west marking the channel of the Gellenstrom itself and in the east guiding ships through the Schaproder Bodden. The lighthouse was depicted on a 5 million mark currency note of 1923 for the county of Rügen. In the GDR postage stamp series, "Lighthouses, Sector Lights and Mole Beacons" from 1975 the Gellen Beacon is the motif decorating the 10 pfennig stamp"

The card also came with a great stamp featuring the Pfälzer Hütte, a mountain refuge in Liechtenstein (I also like mountain huts and youth hostels).

Thank you Nordbaer for the lottery and the card!

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